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Have Some Questions? Well, Here are Some Answers

Below I have compiled some Q&A in hopes that it helps help with any questions you may have. If you don't find your answer here, you can also contact me via my contact page.

Windfirming is the removal of a certain percentage of the canopy of a tree in order to
reduce the ‘sail’ effect that winds have on our trees.

The three main reasons why a tree may be a candidate for wind firming:

  • It has been freshly exposed to the wind by the removal of a windbreak, such as another tree or group of trees.
  • It is in striking distance of a home where a windfall event could cause injury
  • it has high value, or is in proximity to a high value structure

We can asses your trees and give you our expert opinion on the probability of a tree
becoming unstable in the wind!

Fruit trees in nature are a shade or understory species of tree. But because we grow them in full sun to optimize fruit production, they tend to ‘overgrow’ themselves. The best time to do this is between January and March. Benefits of regular pruning are:

  • Keep them at their natural growth density
  • Increase fruit production
  • Promote healthy growth
  • Keep the tree at a desired size
  • Prevent breakage of limbs

It can! Many trees can be milled by us onsite to create beautiful live edge slabs. Often twisted, slightly decayed trees can make the most stunning products!

Tell us your observations and we can create suitable homes to help promote the health or re-introduction of species in your local area. Trees are homes to hundreds of species of insects and animals on Vancouver island!

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